Thursday, August 20, 2009

Time Flies

Alright. I realize that a significant amount of time has passed since I last wrote and that I have neglected some pretty important events in my blog. It would be virtually impossible to do them all justice. So, suffice it to say : #1 I had a baby girl June 14, 2009. We named her Reagan Abby Jenkins. #2 Cory deployed for a year to Afghanistan. I will be better about keeping up in the future. Here is a feeble attempt to tell the story in pictures. By the way, she is sitting on my lap as I write this post. She is a born blogger!

Baby shower

Within an hour of Reagan's birth. She is adorable. I look disgusting.

1 Day old in the hospital

Chillin' with Dad during a nap

4 days old at home

She started out with a really chill personality.....I don't know where that went.

Cory called her "my parrot" because she like to fall asleep perched.

3 weeks old with cousin Natalya

In her blessing dress, 3 weeks old

On Reagan's blessing day

Matching with cousin Corrine, 3 weeks

I thought the flower that was bigger than her was cute. Dad thought it was ridiculous. Luckily, I get to make all decisions when it comes to dressing her. 4 weeks

Goodbye party for Cory (Jenkins, Mortensens, Beylers, Braughtons, Van Woerkoms, Storys). July 16

Cory's departure day, July 19. I realize her flower looks like a headlamp....It slipped down.

Getting on the bus to leave.

Cory running back to tell me goodbye for one last time.

6 weeks old. Just woke up, or not.
Showing her new talent. She really is freakishly strong for her age. 8 weeks.

A family pic, 8 weeks and 27 years :) She does this little number a lot. I was getting her ready to go to bed.Another new talent, a shifty side smile. It takes alot of effort to get this on camera. 9 weeks

Yesterday. I wanted a pic of her in her first blue jeans. She is stylin'!