Monday, April 13, 2009

The Perfect Day

Cory and I both had a DONSA (Day Of No Scheduled Activity) on Friday, so we decided to take advantage of it. We have lived in this blessed state for 16 months now and we had never been down to see the sights in Seattle. So, in true tourist fashion, we packed up our cameras and walking shoes and headed into town. Its about a 50 minute drive from our home to the city center of Seattle. Our first stop was the Pacific Science Center. This was my suggestion mostly for Cory's sake. But do you know what? I had an absolute blast. It was mostly geared towards little kids, so we had a fine time acting very juvenile and trying out all the little experiments.
My favorite parts were the IMAZ 3-D movie "Under the Sea" and the butterfly house. I had never been to a 3-D movie before and it sufficiently knocked my socks off in the IMAX theater. I thought we looked pretty hot in our glasses.The butterfly house was seriously one of the sweetest things I have ever experienced. They have this big tropical rainforest where they released thousands of butterflys. They let you to walk around and get close to all the beautiful creatures. It was kind of like a petting zoo, but way cooler. They landed on people all the time and they had to check you for butterflys as you left the building. It was awesome to be that close to so many magnificent creatures.

After the Science Center, we walked to this little local burger joint hot-spot called "Dick's". It was sort of like IN-N-OUT, but not quite as good. Then we walked FOREVER down to this huge indoor/outdoor marketplace called "PIKE PLACE MARKET". This is the place where they throw the fish through the air to each other when you buy one. We didn't buy one. I made a personal choice long ago to never spend 650$ on a halibut.
That was cool, but the coolest part was all of the international little "hole in the wall" restaurants. You could literally buy food from just about every country on earth. We had some pastries from a french bakery and then Cory bought a piroshky (meat pie) and borscht from this little Russian cafe. He was in heaven....I thought it was really greasy, but palattable.
After the meat pie, I deserved a real treat, so we stopped at Starbucks and had Frappucinos(non-coffee, silly) and hot chocolate. I....Love....Frappucinos. They are one of my worst weaknesses. They may even keep me out of heaven. Anyway, here is our horrible tourist picture. The whole day was FANTASTIC!

Give the people what they want...

I am not sure what the fascination you people have with how fat I am getting is all about, but after multiple requests, I decided to post another pregnancy profile pic. I have recently started doing water aerobics to keep my girlish figure. Here is a candid action shot that was taken during our class.

Just kidding about the aerobics class. I would never do that much exercise. I didn't have anyone to snap my pic, so I will call this one "Brooke alone in the bathroom taking pictures of her fat self". Or maybe I'll just title it "30 weeks-The Journey is 75% Over" (I'm a math teacher...can you tell? :)