Monday, June 14, 2010

Slippin' Through My Fingers

Today my baby turns one year old. If I am going to be completely honest, this scares the living day lights out of me. Here's the deal. She is all I've got. I try not to be weird about it, but she is pretty much my lifeline. She has been a lifesaver for me. I don't know what I would do without her. Hi, my name is Brooke Jenkins,and my best friend is one year old. I know, weird. I would pay every penny I have to own a time machine. I looked through several of her newborn pictures last night and was struck at how she doesn't even look like the same kid anymore. I guess my only option is to take one day at a time and enjoy every minute of it. How do you suppose, out of all the children in the world, I got the best one?

To celebrate, we had a little shindig last night. I tried to keep it small, with just immediate family on both sides and a couple of friends. We had pulled pork sandwiches and everyone brought sidedishes. I made a little slideshow to music of many of the pictures of Reagan taken over the last year and we watched that while we ate and talked. After that, we sang to Reagan and let her go to town on her own cake. Considering I limit her sugar considerably, she freaked out over this little treat. Betty Crocker and I made my own cake and it feel apart, but as lame as I am, I was still soooo proud of it. I have ZERO creative or baking abilities. Finally, she opened, or more accurately, I opened, her presents and we sat around and talked for a long time. It was chill and it was perfect. I couldn't have asked for anything better for her first birthday.

Reagan Abby, one day old
Enjoying some pulled pork and a kiss

Okay, think what you may, but my child is THE CUTEST baby out there.

stressed out that she can't have that cake right now

She loves lemon

working her new cheesy smile

The cake. Yea, I know. You're jealous.

playing with some of her new toys

Thanks mom. That party was awesome!
I thought I would try to capture the portrait of what Reagan is like on her 1st birthday:
  • You can't walk on your own, but you cruise around furniture with the best of them and you can stand without holding onto anything. And geez, are you a fast crawler!
  • You've got sweet hair, a little more than the average kid with all kinds of highlights in it.
  • Green Eyes
  • 18 lbs. 10 oz.
  • When I say "Where's Jesus?", you can find his picture on the wall every time. That's your best party trick.
  • When I say "Close your eyes. It's time to pray", you automatically clasp your hands to get ready for prayer. I used to think you were destined for sainthood, but then I realized you clasp your hands in prayer every time I say the word "close". Close the door. Let's put on your clothes, etc. Also, you get ready for prayer every time I shut a book, because we always pray right after I shut the scriptures we have just been reading. We'll keep working on this one.
  • You give the best sloppy kisses in the whole wide world.
  • You aren't afraid of the water at all. I can let go of you and you'll sink down a bit and not even be afraid.
  • You have allergies like nobody's business, so your nose is always running. You can thank your daddy for that. He used to tell me he was just preparing me for when you came whenever he would get snot on me :)
  • You have 1.5 words learned. Maybe "Hi", and maybe "Mom".
  • You freak out over balloons, balls, and animals of all kinds.
  • You can read. Okay, maybe you can't, but you sure try ALL the time. Your love of books is really encouraging.
  • You know what a bear says, where your nose and feet are, and how to do a couple of words in sign language.
  • You just started doing the most ridiculously cheesy smile I have ever seen. It sure doesn't look real, but it makes everyone smile who sees it.


Anonymous said...

Brooke I can not wait to meet this little girl. We have just a few weeks until then. But she is so dang cute and I can not wait to see her make that cheezy smile in person.

Jill and Cameron said...

She is Beautiful!! Like seriously stunning. I love her cheesy grin too cute! Sorry to say but no matter how you try they will get older and you will wonder where time went. Cherish her as much as you already do! Happy Birthday Raegan!!

Copple's said...

I love the reagan post. But I also love the highschool flashback post. First of all, badminton is cool, especially when you were the captain...second, Brooke was the cool thing. I was so lucky to have a friend older and wiser than a poor soul like myself. Those were the days that makes you the amazing person you are today. I looked up to you then, and I will continue to do so.... except for my bad eating habbits. Not willing to try that one quite yet.

Matt and Staci said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!! Yes she is the CUTEST baby! Glad you had fun celebrating...and yes, I am jealous of the cake:)

Crystal said...

I love Reagan so much! She really has been the perfect little spirit for you. There is nothing wrong with having your daughter be your strength and your best friend even if she is 1. You still let her be a kid and that's important.

The Oomrigars said...

Love the pictures brooke! she is so adorable and I love you blog! :)

AgnÄ— said...

Brooke, I love the list describing your little one. She's adorable. Love you!

Megan Hansen said...

My mom and I just read this post. We smiled and laughed the whole way. She is aDORable! And we miss her face. And yours.

gemmell25 said...

Whoo, that was a pretty sweet cake, makes me kind of hungry for it.